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Texas Criminal Defense Attorney helps clients with Probation Violations

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Attorney RICHARD CARRIZALES, P.C., is an experienced criminal defense lawyer and helps clients in Dallas County, Collin County and Rockwall Counties and throughout Texas to understand their legal conditions while on Probation. Contact the Law Office of Richard
Carrizales, PC if you are arrested and/or possibly going to be arrested for a Probation Violation.

In most cases, clients on Probation can be helped to resolve their probation issues and placed back on probation. The worst thing a person can do is to disregard your probation obligations and to ignore their Probation Officer. If a person has probation violations pending, you should immediately contact a lawyer so you can get advice on how to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Attorney Richard Carrizales has 33 years legal experience in defending clients with probation violations and you should act quickly to hire an Attorney with experience who can help you resolve the potential probation violation. Call our law office for a free consultation at (214) 821-6055.

Experienced Defense Attorney assists with probation

Probation is also called Community Supervision for people who have either been granted a Deferred Probation or possibly convicted of a crime and then placed on supervision in the community. Probation is an alternative to jail or prison time. Deferred-adjudication probation
means that the charges will be dismissed upon the successful completion of your Deferred Probation. Straight probation means you were found guilty. With either type of probation, jail or prison time always remains a possibility if you violate the terms and conditions of your
probation agreement.

Both types of probation will require court-ordered conditions, and failure to comply with the terms of probation will likely land you in jail. It is best to consult an Experienced Lawyer if you have violated any of your terms of community supervision or probation and before admitting
to any violations. You may also have defenses and grounds to fight your probation revocation. 

Contact a dedicated Texas Defense Attorney for help with probation violations.

At RICHARD CARRIZALES, P.C., we represent clients throughout North Texas in Probation matters. I utilize my 33 years Experience and Knowledge to seek the best possible result. Call RICHARD CARRIZALES, P.C. at 214-821-6055 or contact me online to schedule a free
consultation at my Dallas office.

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